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azure_chan's Journal

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I have bluish eyes and blond/brown hair. I am about 160 lbs and am short - 5'2". I like anime and manga, although I prefer manga, especially cute shoujo, shounen-ai, yaoi, romantic comedy, comedy, and some shounen titles. Yes, I do seperate shoujo, romantic comedy, and comedy. It could be just me, but I think they're different.

I love watching comedy movies no matter how old or new they are. My fav TV shows are The Daily Show, Mind of Mencia, The Colbert Report, Two and a Half Men, CSI (all), Everybody Loves Raymond, Gone Without a Trace, Cold Case, and Numbers. I love reading, especially murder mysteries.

My fav. authors are Agatha Cristie (especially with Hercule Poirot) and RitaMae Brown. My fav color is blue and my fav animal is the cat. For food, I'm not very picky, but I hate beans, sour cream, mustard, and mayo. I love pastas, seafood, and steak (medium rare). I love listening to a lot of music, including country and instrumental. I love listening to violins, violas, flutes, clarinets, and piano.

I have claimed Umehito Nekozawa's wig and cloak from Ouran High School Host Club in ouran_claims!!!! Yay!!!
ai yori aoshi, alice 19th, angelic layer, anime, aria, atlier iris: eternal mana, azumanga daioh, bottle fairy, card captor sakura, cat's eye, chobits, chrono crusade, clamp, clamp no kiseki, clamp school detectives, clamp school paranormal investigators, comedy central, crescent moon, demon diary, desire, disney movies, dn angel, dnangel, dream saga, eerie queerie, escaflowne, fake, family guy, final fantasy, flame of recca, from far away, fruits basket, full metal alchemist, full metal panic, full metal panic overload, full moon wo sagashite, get backers, getbackers, girl got game, gohou drug, golden cain, gravitation, guru guru pon-chan, hands off!, here is greenwood, hybrid child, imadoki, japanese animation, junjou romantica, juvenile orion, kamichama karin, kanata kara, kare kano, katamari damachy, kekkaishi, king of bandits jing, koge donbo, la esperanca, land of the blindfolded, legal drug, level c, love mode, loveless, magic knights rayearth, manga, marmalade boy, mars, mind of mencia, mouryou kiden, murder mysteries, naruto, negima, our everlasting, our kingdom, ouran, ouran high school, pet shop of horrors, pita ten, playstation 2, pretear, psychic academy, rg veda, rpgs, saiyuki, saiyuki reload, selfish love, sengoku nights, shinobu kokoro, shoujo, shounen-ai, suikoden iii, suki, tactics, tales of eternia ii, tales of legendia, tales of symphonia, the colbert report, the daily show, the one i love, time lag, tiny snow fairy sugar, tokyo babylon, tokyo mew mew, tsubasa chronicle, vampire game, w juliet, wallflower, wish, x/1999, xxxholic, yami no matsui, yaoi, yu watase