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I really don't wanna do my homework

I would have posted earlier, but life gets away from you. Well, last weekend was freakin awesome. My mom and grammaw absolutely loved the cleaning job we did, which made everything worth it. I went to see my brother's state power lifting meet, and that was fun. I was proud of him. He squatted squatted 345, benched 190, and dead lifted 385. He was in the 181 lb. weight class, but he had been training for the lower weight class. Then, coach switched him with another person, so he gained weight.

The power lifting meet was Saturday morning. In the evening, I was supposed to go see a play, "Speak Truth to Power", but we got wrapped up in playing GrimGrimoire, which is a really awesome game. That night, I went over to Remy's for a little drinking get together. That was also fun. ^_^

A lot of other stuff happened, but school had been rough so I forgot a lot of crap. lol I have a test tomorrow in Japanese History, a Japaneses language kanji quiz, and an oral recording due for Japanese language. It's gonna suck. Well, I better get to it.

P.S. - I just burned my tongue on my food.....not the first time and won't be my last. The sad part is that I don't even care. I like my food really hot.
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Why can't this week be over already?

This week has been really busy for me, more so than usual. I had a five page paper due on Tuesday for a class that also had a test on Tuesday. The paper was part of the test. And then today (for the same class) I had to give a presentation because it was my turn to lead the class in discussion. Yeah, that was great timing on my part. Tomorrow is gonna suck because I have a Japanese quiz. This quiz will encompass at least 5 new sentence structures and a shit load of new vocabulary. We're learning about food and cooking, so we are learning all the words for kitchen stuff and types of food, etc.

Also, my family is coming to spend the night tomorrow. I will be happy to spend time with them, especially because my mom's birthday is tomorrow. However, we're gonna have to heavy duty clean tonight, which is gonna suck major cock. If that was all, it wouldn't be bad, but also study for the Japanese quiz? Shoot me now.

Well, Sheba has stopped going outside the litter box. Still don't really know what was up with that, but this seclusion thing is working. I think she enjoys the solitude all day. She's started to sleep underneath my bed during the day again though. She did that when she first got here and grew out of it by the third week. I'm not really sure why she's doing it again now. I guess she just really doesn't wanna be bothered while she's sleeping. At night, she sleeps on top with me, usually on one of two pillows she has claimed for herself. Her fur hasn't had enough time to grow back, so she's still patchy on her stomach. Hopefully, in a few weeks, I'll be able to tell if she has stopped over licking it.

Ok, last thing before I go eat. Yesterday after anime club, I brought my laptop to CompUSA to get more RAM for it. As some of you may know, my computer had shit for RAM. But now, my computer has win for RAM. ^_^ Granada Espada, and other games, will not be a problem now. I no longer have to wait ten minutes for the game to load, and then another ten to get to the character screen, and then another ten to get to the field, and then an other ten if I want to change fields, etc.

And that's it from me for now!
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Good Girl, Sheba

I put the litter box in my room and have had her set up in there ever since. She stays locked up when I'm gone and even most of the time when I am here. She has yet to shit on my carpet, and by now there should have been at least two piles based on her most recent behavior. I don't wanna jinx it, but it seems to be working so far.

If anything, it got me to clean up my room good enough. I'll clean it up some more tomorrow and if not tomorrow, then on Tuesday. That way, I can clean up the living area on Wednesday and Thursday because my mom and grammaw are coming to spend the night on Friday. I'm glad to spend time with them, but I'm not happy about cleaning.

Friday is also my mom's birthday. She will be turning 41 this year. My mom and I share the second digit of our age, meaning I will be turning 21 this year. My aunt/cousin will be 51, and I have another two cousins who will be 11 and 31 this year. You could look at it and say it's something like fate, but our family is so huge, that it's bound to happen. When you have about 200 people, extended included, living in the same general area, things like this are gonna happen. lol
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Yeah, what the fuck is up with that? It got cold only after the hail fell, and I think the major reason I was cold was because my legs were wet. One day they'll invent something that completely protects your body from rain, and they should call it a super umbrella...or something like that.

Everything else is fine, except my cat, Sheba, has developed the habit of going to the bathroom outside the litter box. She is also liking herself to the point of baldness and skin sores/irritation. My mom said it's probably stress related (God only knows what a cat could be stressed about lol). Anyhoo, this weekend, I'll get her a litter box of her own and keep her in my room most of the time, especially when I'm not at the apartment. I also need to spend more one on one time with her in my room. I hope this friggen works cuz I'm tired of cleaning up her shit from my carpet.
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Thank God!

All I'm gonna say is, thank God it's the weekend. I can relax without worrying about school for a few days. It's a bonus because it's a three day weekend, so I can really relax.....at least until Monday. I do want to do at least some of my Japanese homework tomorrow, and I'll probably do laundry as well.

Yeah, I feel a lot better now that it's the weekend. ^_^
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Tired Out

I'm very tired. Not sure why, and I don't think there is a specific reason. Oh, well.

My theatre tech class this morning was interesting. The teacher has a lot of knowledge, and he tells us little tidbits of information. The tidbits are about how the industry has evolved and why.

Work today was good because I actually did work. I usually feel bad if I'm getting paid to do nothing. We emasculated wheat today. We took out the male reproductive parts of the wheat plants so that we can later go through and crossplant to make new varieties. It is very tedious, and you have to be careful to get all the males out and not kill the female. There were a few who had already pollinated, so they were useless and had to be cut off.

My last class was strange. We had a discussion, which was good. However, most of the people in the class are graduating this semester or over the summer, so they know a lot. I am grateful for their knowledge, but they're the group of actors a year ahead of my class and they're all friends with each other. It kinda intimidates me a bit.
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Second Day of Classes

Today was really nice. I woke up almost late, but I wasn't. My first class was a Theatre class targeted at learning about the different technologies used in the theatre world. It sounds really neat, and I learned a fun fact today. Did you know that the special light move on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire is actually copyrighted? Well, NOW YOU KNOW!!!

Then, I went to work for a bit. I work in the wheat lab, and spring is the worst (other than summer). There is either nothing to do or you go out into the field to get muddy and nasty while you measure/water/etc. the plants on the farm or in the greenhouse. However, today was a nothing much to do, so cleanup type of day, so that wasn't bad at all.

Then, I met with Stasia, Remy, Charles, and Katie for lunch. We also all watched a show called Black Book. It was awesome, and since Stasia's mom has the series, I'm making her steal it the next time she goes home. kekekeke

My last class a theatre class called from Ibsen to the Present. We will have to read a lot of plays, and give talks about them in turn. Each person took a play and we will lead a discussion on it when it is our turn to do so. I don't know if I like it or not. Each class taught by one of my classmates or myself. It will definitely be interesting. ^_^

My teacher for that last class is named Dr. Leigh. I have had her for many of my other classes, and she's really awesome. This semester, I will be helping her by being her set designer for a play she is directing called "Lone Star". It's gonna be really neat, even if my life does get hectic this semester.
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Well, I haven't posted in forever, but I don't care. I'm just gonna go with it and you all have Stasia and Snapple to thank for it. ^_^

Classes started today. I had some drama because the school canceled one of my classes and I had to scramble to find a replacement. The good thing is that I found one, but it might kick my ass. Oh, well. I was gonna have to take it eventually.

My schedule looks like this:


Modern Japanese History - 8:30 - 9:30
Intro to Stage Management - 9:30 - 10:30
Library Sciences Computer...thing - 10:30 - 11:30
Japanese Language Class - 12:30 - 1:10


Theatre (forgot what the class is about, I'll find out tomorrow) - 9:00 - 10:30
Big ass break for work. Also disco lunch.
Theatre from Ibsen to present - 3:00 - 4:30

History is gonna be awesome! The Pre-modern class was great last semester and it's the same teacher, so I am really excited. My Stage Management class does not meet on Wednesdays. He told us to skip Wednesdays unless otherwise told not to do so, and the class does not look too bad at all.

That stupid computer class. I'm kinda pissed at it. I have to take it for my major, but all we're gonna do is learn how to check our school e-mail (PAWS) and make spreadsheets and charts..........I want to shoot myself in the foot. I also had to buy a 70 dollar book for the damn class. It's about Microsoft Word for XP VERSION OF WINDOWS. OMG!! I'm sorry but this class is kinda worthless. I was able to get my other book for cheap online, but not that XP one. I want to punch the guy in the face! *grumbles* wasting money on a stupid xp book....

Anyways, Japanese is gonna be tough. We will be writing an in class essay at the end of the semester. Fifty minutes to write an essay in Japanese. I'm not looking forward to that. I'm kinda scared.
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It's been way too long since I posted anything.

What sucks:
* My mom's van is not working again. We finally found out what was really wrong with it and everything we paird for before, didn't help. So, my mom has paid over $1,000 to find out that she must pay $2,000 more and then everything will be fixed. So, the running back and forth during the summer and being inconveinced with switching cars was total bullshit cuz it helped with nothing. So, I don't ahve a car cuz my mom is using it while she figures out what to do. It doesn't help that my little brother will be put on her insurance soon, so that automatically another $300 a month for that. So, a new car is out of the question.
* LSU lost in the game against Auburn last Saturday. (don't get me stared on the shaddy calls by the refs)

What's good:
* I'm doing pretty well in my classes. Nothing really major so far. Japanese is going well. I got a 96/100 on my theatre 1001 (intro to elements of design) test. I learned how to sew on a button and hem things in costume shop lab. Some of the folklore stuff is boring to read, but the interesting parts are worth it. The scenes we're working on in theatre 2025 (acting) are fun to mess with.
* I'm anticipating Oni-con and fall break.
* Last Exile is an awesome anime and I can't wait to watch more.
* Our food menus are awesome and the food is good (it better be cuz we make it).
* Work is easy, but it always is. Some things are rather annoying, but hey, it's a job, I get paid, and it requires no brain work. It's also on campus, so I don't have to worry about traffic.

Anyways, I'll get the cooking pics up soon (hopefully). Life's been pretty busy, though I am able to relax every now and then, which is good.


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Well, I can effectively say that what is truly bringing the three of us (me, Alison (kagensakura), and Stasia (starchildorion)) is food, Court TV, and Comedy Central. We actually planned out our meals. ^_^

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I think I'll be taking pics of the meals and them being prepared for the next few days. ^_^ Gotta love pictures.

One thing that really sucked today was that Stasia found out where the random bugs, smells, and humidity were coming from. As it turns out, there's a 2 inch gap between the top of the window and the window frame. This is the top of the window, which means it's the part that doesn't move. The RA knows about it and someone else is supposed to come by and see it, but that probably means that they'll send someone to look at it and put it on the maintenance log for it to get taken care of later.

I guess that's what you get when you live in old dorms. However, you also get things like phone booths.

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I can't wait til tomorrow's meal. ^_^lol